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Hungarian Election Studies

The Hungarian Election Study (HES) project was initiated by the Hungarian Center for Research on Democracy Foundation (DKMKA) and has been conducting collaborative studies of Hungarian voting behavior and public opinion since 2002.
  • Participation and Representation
  • Political cleavages
  • Voters' behavior
  • Empirical data analyses
  • Methodology

The primary aim of HES is to study electoral behavior from a broader social science perspective in collaboration with major Hungarian research institutes. It focuses on the interrelationship between cleavage structures, social and cultural stratification, and digital divides. HES studies are also putting emphasis on the methodological questions of empirical survey based research.

Several surveys has been completed since 2002. Beside micro data collections, we created a geographical database of official election statistics. Eight edited volumes of results has been published in Hungarian based on the empirical studies.

Politikai törésvonalak Magyarországon: OTKA kutatás

2013-ban kezdődött az az OTKA kutatás, melynek célja a magyarországi politikai törésvonalak változásainak feltárása. A projekt honlapja a címen érhető el.

Róbert Tardos' 65th Birthday Conference

Sep 22, 2012

Róbert Tardos' 65th Birthday Conference

PhD School of ELTE and Corvinus University organized a conference to celebrate 65th birthday of Robert Tardos on 21/09/2012.

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